I love exploring and playing within the hybrid space of analogue & digital. Constantly fascinated by the magical relationship design has with technology.

BBC News

The purpose of the visual journalism team is to unlock the potential of multimedia storytelling across all our platforms - desktop, tablet, mobile and TV. By using graphical tools and combining those with an understanding of data and journalistic rigour, the team aims to produce powerful visual explanations that improve understanding of the news.



Paradise Papers

The BBC Visual Journalism team was at the heart of the BBC’s coverage of the Paradise Papers leak, creating a unified look and feel across digital platforms, TV News and the corporation’s flagship current affairs programme, Panorama.

A tight-knit group of journalists and designers worked tirelessly in secret in the run-up to the revelations to produce a suite of animations, graphics and branding explaining the stories to a wide audience.

Produced with: Sandra Rodriguez Chillida, Mark Bryson, Jonathan Barrett, Luke Keast, Lucy Rodgers, Tom Housden, Gary Kitchener & Bella Hurrell, with BBC Panorama.


When is the next solar eclipse in my country?

On 21 August 2017 millions of Americans witnessed one of the biggest solar eclipses in almost 100 years.

There are usually two solar eclipses on Earth per year, and they only happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon align in specific ways.

Produced with: Alison Benjamin, Tom Housden, Paul Rincon, Evisa Terziu & Alice Grenie.


Predict the president: Will Clinton or Trump win the US election?

Voters in the US go to the polls on 8 November to decide who will replace President Barack Obama.

The US uses the electoral college system to elect its president, in which each state is given a number of votes based on its population. A total of 538 are up for grabs.

Produced with: Mike Hills, Lilly Huynh, Alvin Ourrad & Luke Ewer.


AWNZ Timeline

The Architecture+Women⋅NZ Timeline was originally installed in the Between Silos exhibition in 2013 (Silo Gallery, Wynyard Quarter) as part of a wider exhibition celebrating architecture and women in New Zealand. This re-installation – timed to coincide with the Festival of Architecture and the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning centenary – includes new information, with a focus on graduates from and academics within the school.

In collaboration with Marianne Calvelo & Lynda Simmons


Editor's Lab

From 21-23 June, winning teams from all corners of the world gather in Vienna for the culmination of the fifth season of Editors Lab to compete in a three-day hackathon at the GEN Summit 2017. The Editors Lab Final 2017, gathers top teams representing Philippines, Portugal, Austria, UK, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Australia, India, Poland, South Korea, Indonesia, United States, Taiwan and Japan.


Appy Helper

Our winning prototype was a conversational interface that will sit within long-running complex stories that can help users catch up with recent developments or learn all about the background to this story in an accessible way, tailored to their needs.

There isn’t a lack of good explainer content online, but it’s often hard to find when you have landed on a news story and everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, gets the same content.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 21.59.01.png

“Catch me up”

Provides recent updates in short chunks.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 21.59.21.png

“Give me a full summary of what’s happened”

Provides context of story in a timeline format.