Friday links...

Sep 2017

Data Viz Project


Inside the Head


The (Very) Long Tail Of Hurricane Recovery


Dries Van Broeck: Motion Designer


GOT Season 7 Gifs


The Other Side: Thom Haig


The Depict Frame


The National: Pentagram Visual Identity


Joshua K. Jackson: London Street Photography

Aug 2017

Digital Volcano


Kikk Festival


Atlanta Public Notice Signs


Colour Blind UNO


Star Wars-inspired observatory


Rick Astley Solar Eclipse


Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World


London Design Festival: 16-24 Sept


Two Types: The Faces of Britain


The Feel Good Bakery


8-Bits GIFs of Daily Life in Japan


Escape: Animated short drawn and shot in VR


The Tōkyōiter


Moon - Personal Lunar Portal


Another Lens - A research tool for conscientious creatives


Divorce and Occupation


Anime Architecture: Backgrounds of Japan (Exhibition)


City Stamps


Gravity Sketch in VR


"Where the f*ck is Waldo?"


How Hyperloop One's System Becomes Reality

July 2017



Microsoft’s default font is at the center of a government corruption case


Pixel Kit - DIY programming kit for kids


Google’s Rules For Designers Working With AI


Harold Halibut - A handmade adventure game


My grandmothers lingo


Quantify your music-listening


3D Rendering Work by Stuart Lippincott


Lego Ads at Cannes festival


You are my black footed ferret


50 Years of TV, Film, and Culture


Human insights missing from big data


Julieanne Kost Photography


If Hillary Clinton Had Won


Responsive parallax landscape


Hong Kong high-rise


Not all eggs are shaped like a chicken's


Disney’s Next Movie Could Be Watching You, Too


Motion Type Project